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ATW heat pump application case

— Grand Epoch City:

The Grand Epoch City is one of the reference cases of Shenling Polestar commercial heat pump system. The Grand Epoch City is a scale model of an ancient Chinese city. It is a popular weekend destination with a border range of facilities including swimming pools, hotels, theaters, and golf courses. There are a lot of famous ancient architectural models including Beijing’s Qianmen Gate and the Old Summer Palace. This is where the famous Chinese TV series “The articulate Ji Xiaolan” was shot.

Shenling Commercial air source heat pump Polestar
Heat Pump For Commercial Building Application Case --- Grand Epoch City

As a leading commercial heat pump manufacturer, Shenling provides the commercial heat pump — Polestar commercial heat pump water heater to Grand Epoch City which integrates modern heating technology and ancient buildings perfectly. Shenling provides 178 Polestar Evi Series heat pump units to achieve stable operation in 40 restaurants, 80 conference rooms, 1700 guest rooms, and 12 heating projects. Shenling Polestar Evi Series heat pump can operate stably in the range of -26℃ to 43℃. By increasing 20% of the heating capacity, it can provide the functions of heating, cooling, and sanitary hot water for different functional areas of the whole Grand Epoch City.

Its fully intelligent control system makes operation and maintenance easier, creates a sustainable, comfortable, and low-carbon environment for buildings, and helps to achieve the global goal of carbon neutrality. Polestar heat pump is one of the best heat pump solutions for commercial building.

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Air to water heat heating equipment
Heat Pump For Commercial Building Application Case --- Grand Epoch City

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