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Streamline Heat Pump Installation with the Shenling Heat Pump Kit 

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At Shenling, we are proud to lead the way in heat pump technology, offering innovative, energy-efficient solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Our range of products includes R290 and R32 heat pumps for residential purposes and commercial R410A heat pumps, each designed to meet varying needs with high efficiency and environmental friendliness.


Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Heating with Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are an innovative technology for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly home heating. It’s important to evaluate not just the initial performance and price of the heat pump itself, but also the investment and future maintenance costs when selecting renewable energy systems for new construction or renovations for existing buildings. The heat pump hydro box kit was created by Shenling to assist users in reducing these expenses.


What is A Heat Pump Kit?

The essential parts of the heat pump hydro box kit include water pumps, a small buffer tank, valves, safety components, and an electric heater. When combined with a monobloc heat pump, the installation process becomes straightforward and convenient, even for those with minimal experience.


Benefits of Combining Monobloc Heat Pumps with A Heat Pump Hydro Box Kit


Simplified Installation: Connecting a heat pump directly to a heat pump kit is straightforward, saving time and reducing the potential errors of installation.


Space-Saving Design: The compact setup requires only about 0.4㎡of the installation area, making it suitable for tight spaces.


Cost-Effective: By minimizing the need for extensive piping and reducing installation time, the overall costs are significantly lowered. As we all know, installing a heat pump can range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more. However, with Shenling’s comprehensive heat pump kit, customers can install their units themselves to save on professional installation costs. The compact design of the heat pump kit enables it to fit in a small space. Moreover, the included Shenling’s water pumps can maximize the efficiency and longevity of the overall system.


Easy Maintenance: The integrated design means fewer components are exposed to potential damage, simplifying the maintenance process.


Shenling Comprehensive Hydro Box with the Heat Pump Kit

Our Heat Pump Kit is designed for seamless installation, including all major components such as a water pump, electric box, AC contactor, three-way valve, expansion tank, filter, and leakage protection switch. This all-in-one kit is compatible with R32 and R290 heat pumps, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution for customers.


Shening’s Support and Warranty

Pre-Sale Support:

– Professional sales engineers provide detailed product and service information.

– Technicians survey installation environments and offer tailored solutions.


During Sale:

– QA engineers ensure all products are new and meet high standards.

– Comprehensive testing and debugging ensure the safety and stability of products.

– Professional technical training is provided during delivery.


After-Sale Service:

– 24/7 consulting service to address any issues.

– Standard 24-month warranty, with an option to extend to 5 years.

– Lifelong maintenance services are available after the warranty period.


At Shenling, our 25 years of R&D and manufacturing experience enable us to meet market demands and customer needs effectively. If you are looking for a reliable heat pump partner, Shenling is always the best choice for delivering high quality, efficiency, and excellent support. Contact us at global@shenling.com for more information.

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