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ESP and Shenling Join Forces to Embark on A New Chapter of Collaborative Research and Production

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On April 19, a milestone signing ceremony was held at the Shenling High-tech Park Manufacturing Base III in Foshan, Guangdong, China. ESP, a Canadian energy-saving product company with a 40-year history of HVAC R&D and manufacturing, officially announced the signing of a joint R&D and production agreement with Shenling. This cooperation marks a deep collaboration between the two parties in technological innovation and efficient production and jointly promotes the development of the green energy-saving building industry. 



Officials from the Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou, the Alberta Office of Canada in Guangzhou, Timothy Prevost, Global CEO of ESP Canada, ESP China District Leaders, Shenling Environment Board of Directors, and Shenling Commercial Management attended the ceremony and witnessed this wonderful moment.

At the ceremony, Mr. Pan, President of Shenling Environment, expressed his expectations and joy for the cooperation. He pointed out that cooperation with ESP is a valuable opportunity for Shenling. ESP’s deep technical accumulation in the field of ecological air conditioning and its good market reputation in 70 countries across 5 continents will help both parties achieve long-term development in technology R&D and global market expansion.



Shenling CEO


Tim, the Global CEO of ESP, emphasized the importance of the Chinese market to ESP’s global strategy in his speech. He said that China is not only a huge market but also a country with rapid innovation and technological development. In particular, Shenling has been leading the way in special environmental control, heat pump energy storage, medical purification, and other fields. Through cooperation with Shenling, ESP hopes to better integrate its advanced technology and products into the Chinese market. It also hopes to use Shenling’s leading technology in R&D and manufacturing and the efficient production resources of its five major domestic production bases to jointly explore new business models and growth, and provide Chinese users with more reliable and trustworthy high-quality products. More than that, we also invested over 20 million last year to build HV Shanghai and Guangzhou flagship centers in China. The two distinctive showrooms are currently under construction and will meet with you soon. We believe that the construction of the flagship center will greatly enhance HV’s brand image and service quality.





Mr. Chen Chuan, General Consultant of ESP China, also expressed his views. He said that the cooperation is the result of the strong alliance and complementary advantages of both parties. Shenling’s professional ability in the manufacture of environmental system heat pumps, combined with ESP’s technical advantages in the field of small-tube high-pressure intelligent variable-frequency ecological air conditioning, is expected to launch more innovative products in the fields of energy conservation and emission reduction and intelligent manufacturing and bring more value to consumers.





Hao Ran, Director of the Shenling Commercial Marketing Center, expressed his hope that the cooperation between Shenling and HV will bring a broader market in his speech.



Shenling heat pump


Roxanne Hamel, Deputy Consul of the Consulate General of Canada in Guangzhou, emphasized the positive impact of the cooperation on both parties and even a wider range of fields in her speech. ESP, as an outstanding Canadian company, its cooperation with Shenling China not only marks the friendly exchanges between enterprises of the two countries but also reflects the deep integration of the two parties in green buildings, environmental protection, and technology. She pointed out that with the continuous advancement of globalization, cross-border cooperation has become an important trend for enterprise development, and this cooperation will bring new growth opportunities to both parties and promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading.



Roxanne Hamel


During the event, the guests visited the Shenling High-tech Park, which has successfully passed the dual certification of “Zero Energy Consumption Building” design and operation, and witnessed the actual application of Shenling’s innovative low-carbon technology.


In the context of economic globalization, cross-border cooperation has become an important trend for enterprise development. The cooperation between ESP and Shenling will not only bring new development opportunities to both parties but also reflect the deepening cooperation between China and Canada in the fields of environmental protection and energy utilization. By sharing resources and jointly developing, the two parties will be able to respond more quickly to market changes, more effectively meet consumer needs, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the industry.



With the successful conclusion of the signing ceremony, the cooperation between ESP and Shenling has officially kicked off. The two parties will work together to explore the infinite possibilities of the future. The success of this cooperation will undoubtedly provide a model of cross-border cooperation for other enterprises in the industry and lay a solid foundation for further cooperation between China and Canada in a wider range of fields.


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