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How the Shenling ThermaX Heat Pump Achieves A Quiet Effect

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When it comes to home comfort, noise levels can be a critical factor. Shenling’s ThermaX air source heat pumps are renowned for their exceptionally low noise levels, producing as low as 35dB(A) sound pressure at 3 meters. But what exactly makes Shenling’s heat pumps so silent? To disclose this secret, let’s first explore the innovative features and design elements that contribute to this impressive performance.


Shenling Heat Pump

Shenling ThermaX Heat Pump

ThermaX Ultra Silence Technology

The Biomimetic Fan Design

Biomimetic Fan Design

Biomimetic Fan Design


One of the key components contributing to the quiet operation of Shenling’s ThermaX heat pumps is the biomimetic fan design. This design takes inspiration from nature to optimize airflow and minimize noise.


  • Concave Design of Suction Surface: The fan’s suction surface’s concave design aids in streamlining airflow, which can lower turbulence and noise of the fan. This design ensures that air is drawn into the fan smoothly and quietly.

  • Thickening Design of Leading Edge: This design reduces the vibration and sound typically associated with thinner blades. By thickening the leading edge of the fan blades, Shenling enhances the structural integrity of the fan while also dampening noise.

  • Notch Design of Trailing Edge: The notched trailing edge of the fan blades further reduces noise by breaking up the airflow and minimizing the formation of vortices. This design element is crucial in reducing the whistling or humming sounds that fans often produce.


Outdoor Unit (ODU) Sound Proof Design

In addition to the fan design, Shenling has implemented a comprehensive soundproofing strategy for the outdoor unit (ODU) of Shelning ThermaX heat pumps. And, this strategy includes several critical features:

  • Full Set of Plate and Plastic Mould: The use of specialized plates and plastic moulds in the construction of the ODU helps to dampen noise. These materials can absorb and deflect sound waves, reducing the overall noise output.
  • Simulation at Different Frequencies: Shenling uses advanced simulation techniques to test and optimize the soundproofing of the ODU at various frequencies. This ensures that the unit operates quietly across a wide range of conditions and environments.
  • Three Layers of Sound Insulation: The ODU is equipped with three layers of sound insulation material. These layers work together to absorb sound and prevent it from escaping, ensuring that the heat pump operates quietly even in close proximity to the living spaces.


heat pump ultra silence


Shenling’s ThermaX air source heat pumps are a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and customer comfort. Additionally, the combination of the outside unit’s extensive soundproofing and the biomimetic fan design results in an incredibly quiet heat pump. Whether you’re looking for an energy-efficient heating solution or just want a quieter home atmosphere, Shenling’s ThermaX heat pumps offer the perfect blend of performance and peace. We always offer you the best heat pump solutions.


ThermaX produces as low as 35dB(A) sound pressure level at 3 meters

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